Getting Green Fingered with #Bostikbloggers

Welcome back to our monthly easy at home craft with #Bostikbloggers to check out our previous craft posts click here.

The Theme this month is Gardening, we are quite a green fingered house hold and we have seeds that we wanted to plant. This was a perfect opportunity for us to make gardening fun.

Things you will need;

small plant pots

Decorations- things like stickers and faces etc.

Glue- we use Bostik as it sticks well

name sticks

Optional- piece of green foam to sit your plants on.



  • First thing you need to do is decorate your plant pots. You can do this however you want and whatever style, feel free to lose yourself in your imagination.
    • Next you will need to fill your pot with soil and plant the seeds as instructed on the packet
    • Lastly you need to write on your name sticks what you have planted and pop them on the green foam. The foam is great to water your plants on too as it just runs off.
  • Make sure you put your plants in sunlight and the conditions needed for your plants to grow. Happy Gardening.