Place your bets now- Pink or Blue??

Today we find out the sex of Baby Willies… yet so many people have guessed already I thought it maybe fun to see what you guys think?

Here are some of the “facts” “old wives tales” “utter crap” “conspiracy theories” that people have already conjured up!

  1. The Nub Theory- this one was new to me until a “nub theorist” commented on my scan picture on Instagram and it got me intrigued… what would they say?! A Nub theory is apparently a line that appears on scans that dependant on the angle depends on the sex. The groups claim to get it right 50% of the time! So I popped my scan picture on two different Nub Theory groups and they all said girl…
  2. The shape of my bump/how I feel- this one is asked a lot- do you feel different to your pregnancy with Erin?! Are you carrying differently?? The short answer is no! Everything so far has been the same as with Erin- apart from I’m more tired but I think that’s having a 6yr old too! This would suggest another girl!
  3. Heartbeats- I still have a recording from Erin at 16 weeks where her heartbeat sounds like a galloping horse and last Wednesday I had bubba’s done and recorded it too- it sounds like a train… the midwife was so convinced it was a boy that she would have put money on it!!
  4. The ring theory…for this post I thought I would give this a whirl! ? place a ring on cotton and hover over your tummy… circle it’s a girl… back and forth it’s a boy! Another vote for girl here!!
  • There are so many more but I won’t bore you with them! I’m pretty sure I’m having a boy! God knows why that’s just my inkling! With Erin I thought she was a girl so maybe I’m right!! Only time will tell!
  • What’s your guess??