Four Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts For kids with #BostikBlogger

Valentine’s day as a parent loses quite a lot of the appeal, we don’t have time and don’t want to exclude the children. Don’t fear I am here to help – I have teamed up with Bostik and their blogger craft family to help you create some Valentine’s crafts you can do with the kids with easy instructions.

Love Heart Wreath-

Things you need;

  • Bostik Glue Dots
  • Paper or a foam sheet in the colour of your choice
  • Scissors
  • a piece of ribbon
  1. Cut your paper/foam into strips across the top of the paper down. Make sure they are all the same size.
  2. Next, fold the strips in half
  3. Put a glue dot on the outside of one side of the strip
  4. Bend the two top pieces into a heart shape and stick together with the glue dot. Do this for all the strips and put them into a circle.
  5. Put Glue dots on the outside of the hearts to stick all the hearts together in a circle.
  6. Put another glue dot on the side and stick the ribbon. Do the same for the other side to make a hanger.
  7. Hang somewhere for the world to see! Tada!

Valentine’s Necklace-

Things you need-

  • Bostik Glue Dots
  • hearts or other valentines crafty bits
  • Card to pre-cut large hearts
  • string or ribbon for the tie
  • scissors
  1. This one is extremely simple! Pre-cut two or three hearts to the size you want on your necklace and put the string through a hole.
  2. let littles decorate with the glue dots and hearts!
  3. wear it with pride!

Valentines Day Card-

Things you need;

  • Bostik Glue Dots
  • hearts or other valentines crafty bits
  • Card  to fold into a card shape
  • a pen
  1. A very simple one!
  2. Fold your card and let your little ones go wild!
  3. write the card and give it someone to make them smile

Valentines Day decor-

Things you need;

  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
  1. Make a word to decorate your house out of pipe cleaners- I did Valentine, but you could do Love or Heart or your loved one’s name! try and use joined up writing or if not you can connect them after you have cut it! Tada!

You’re all done and prepped for Valentines Day like we are!

Easy valentines crafts to do with kids! 4 simple easy to do crafts with full instructions