Johnson's baby

Johnson’s Baby, Moisture, massage and mild on skin!

Johnson’s has been a key in baby routines for a long time, I remember my mum using Johnson’s on me and I think it will be around for many years to come!

Protecting your baby’s skin from harsh conditions outside of the womb is utmost importance. Natural moisture that babies get from the womb is something that us mums would love to replicate when your little one is born. Johnson’s is helping mums by ensuring their products moisturise and are mild on little ones skin.

When Erin was 6 weeks old i took her to a baby massage class which assisted with her colic and reflux as well as keeping her skin hydrated. One thing was i didn’t like the fact they used olive oil. The smell of my hand’s afterwards was never very nice and it didn’t feel very nice. Johnson’s have made some fantastic products to ensure this is no longer the case.Johnson's baby

The products that we have been lucky enough to use include; Top to toe Moistursing body wash, baby bath, massage oil and massage lotion.

Each of the products are soft gentle and kind to skin. I loved using the body wash and baby bath. I even stole some myself. Erin and Maisie both have terrible eczema. So since they were little we have had to use gentle products on them.  The scent of the products is subtle and fresh. The bubbles last for ages and the girls were moisturised well.

I love the massage oil and lotion as it is calming and soft and doesn’t leave a horrid sticky residue! The Johnson’s range is aimed at babies 0-6 months… yes it is safe from the day they are born- but can be used as long as you wish. It is perfect for sensitive skins and ensures happy mums and happy babies!

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Johnson’s Top to Toe Bundle