Newborn Essentials Part 2!

So yesterday we wrote the first half of this post which were the larger items I have got for baby all of which I consider essentials. There are obviously many more items but here are a few I have been gifted.  If you want to watch this in video form check it out here.

Car Accessories from Apramo;

As the baby will be refacing for at least 3 years of its life I wanted a way to see he/she in the car to make sure they are ok.

The Iris mirror has given me exactly that. The mirror clips onto the front of your headrests facing baby. You then clip the remote onto your sun visor. In these two easy steps, you now have a full view of your baby day and night. There is a light ring that Is flicked by the remote which easily shows the baby at night time. Perfect for car rides at any time of the day.

Apramo also has a fantastic item for both children called the Travel Buddy. This enables you to keep all their items in the car neatly and with space for two drinks and things like nappies, toys and entertainment. Perfect for any trip in the car.

Lumie Bedbug-

I currently have Erin trying to fight for this clever little bug for in her bedroom! This item is perfect for being able to see in the night and also as a dimmable nightlight before bed. The light is the perfect for when you need to change little one’s nappies or for a night feed. The light is silicone so cant is broken by little fingers and is easy to use in the dark as the buttons are large with arrows up and down on them. This light will last as your little one grows as its perfect for any age and looks cute in their bedroom.

Gro 2 in 1 Grosnug-

When Erin was a baby Gro was always my go-to brand. She had the Gro bags from birth. Since they have moved ahead of the game and made many fantastic products. One of them being the 2 in 1 Grosnug which enables parents to choose to swaddle or have little ones in a normal Grobag without having to buy several products.

This innovative design has press studs to keep the armholes closed to make the Grobag a swaddle which then pop open and folds back to become an original Grobag.  The Leg area is also genius as it is specifically for how babies sleep (I always say like frogs). Perfect to stop Hip Dysplasia in newborns. In so many beautiful colours we will be getting a few more of these.

Rainbow Design Toys-

I can hear you shouting toys are necessary for babies. In this house they are- I need items to ensure Erin and baby are able to bond but also toys really help with babies development. Different textures and colours help with senses development. Not only that but they are incredibly cute. Rainbow designs have some absolutely stunning items and anything Disney is a win for us.  These gorgeous items will be perfect for when the little one is here.

Baby Sensory ‘Say Hello’ Wrist & Ankle Rattles-

Again These toys are a fantastic sensory item. Textures, colours and sounds are ideal for babies and these wrist and ankle toys strap to your little one with velcro. This is perfect to let your little one explore their own body and be able to play and keep themselves entertained easily. These are perfect and great from Newborn.

Cloud & Cuckoo Teether-

Again I hear you- Teethers arent for newborns. My wonderful daughter teethed at 2 months on holiday- yep! worst holiday ever!! HA! bless her she came home and had two teeth the next day. Erin hadn’t been used to playing with Teethers so wasn’t interested because they were unknown toys. This time I will be using the Cloud and Cuckoo teether from birth. The shape is perfect for tiny hands and has a great little bag and clip so it won’t get lost when your little one loses it. Perfect. It even has a little tail as an extra sensory and teething bit to munch on.