Easy Easter Tree Craft with #BostikBlogger

Welcome back to another craft session with Bostik Bloggers and yours truly. This month we have had our Easter craft box as its sneaking up very quickly! This month I went with something that is a little outside the normal Easter crafts you would normally find. So without keeping you in suspense any longer Erin & I have made our very own Easter tree! Yes, you heard it here first! Forget Christmas trees instead everyone will be filling their homes with Easter trees. If you want to make your very own Easter tree check out my instructions below.

You will need;



Polystyrene eggs

Foam Easter cut outs/foam sheets to cut our your own

Gems/buttons/stickers to decorate

Tissue paper

Yellow paper

Shredded paper

Smaller decorative eggs


A plant pot

Some clay or Playdoh

Ribbon or curling ribbon

Step by Step guide-

  1. Cut out your tissue paper into strips that would cover the polystyrene eggs. Glue around the egg and stick the tissue to the egg. I had 3 eggs and I didn’t want them all to look the same so I tied two at the top to look like chocolate eggs and the other was glued all the way round. I then tied a ribbon around the eggs which enabled me to hang them. Erin then decorated the eggs with items she wanted to make them look pretty. Erin choose gems and glued them on. Leave them to dry ideally hanging so you don’t ruin the tissue paper.
  2. Next use your cut out your foam Easter shapes or use pre-cut ones and decorate them. Then use scissors to poke a hole through the top and use the ribbon to make a hanger. Do this with all the shapes you want on your tree. Leave them to dry.
  3. Lastly put your paper into the plant pot. Next put your sticks into the clay to hold them still. You can now put the clay into the plant pot and cover with the straw – if you would like to decorate the straw with the decorative eggs you can now do this. You should now have a tree formed in the plant pot ready to hold your decorations.
  4. You can now decorate your tree! Viola you are done! And it was easy peasy.

Erin really enjoyed doing this craft and would love to see your Easter tree pictures too. Feel free to send them over or tag us in social medias. Instagram & Twitter-Faye_erin_jones or

Easy and simple crafts to do with children for Easter! o