Magic Santa Letters including DISCOUNT!! 

Christmas is a magical time and so many families have traditions that have to be upheld. There are so many things that make Christmas special and children believing in Santa is one of the things that makes Christmas the best time of the year!To ensure the magic is kept alive I always like to make sure Erin has a ‘letter from Santa’. This year I wanted something different to the standard print run of the mill letters. Magic Santa letter were able to offer everything I wanted- the ‘Truly magical Santa Letter’ was able to be personalised to Erin and came with Scroll effect paper, full colour authentic north pole envelope, double sided ‘good child’ certificate, 4 Christmas colouring sheets, a ‘Santa please stop here’ door hanger and a pouch of ‘magical reindeer food’. The process of ordering the letters is extremely simple- follow the instructions online filling in the blanks and including where you want it sent to and when- perfect for the organised mummy’s and daddy’s between us! 

The website offers letters for all budgets and circumstances including pre written and baby’s first Christmas. The prices range from £3.99 upwards. The quality of the letters are fantastic and great how they can be personalised per child ensuring Santa magic is kept alive. The extras included in the package ensure that it sets all the other letters apart. I am lucky enough to be able to give my readers a code to get money off the letters so you too can have a magical Christmas. You are able to purchase from and the code is included on the picture below….