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Mothers Day Inspiration

My mum is notoriously hard to buy for and so is Matts mum. I bet most mums are and they always say ‘don’t worry about me, treat yourself!’ Nightmare!! So let me help you with a little inspiration. White Company Waffle Gown Now as a mum I know when you need a rest and want …


Bottoms up for Bepanthen #Britmums #Ad #Bepanthenprotects

This post is an entry for the #Bepantenprotects challenge, sponsored by Bepanthen. Learn more about how to protect baby’s sensitive skin on Bepanthen. As a mum of two girls aged 6 and 2 months nappy rash has been a problem for several years. Erin my eldest was a fast teether and by 3 months old …


Morbid… I know

Well happy Monday! Let’s start this week off with a cheery blog post… maybe not the post to start the week off with a beaming smile but here me out. First question- Do you have a will? Second question- if not why not? Now let’s go back a few months an email popped in my …


Always trust your instinct

If I was only able to share one piece of advice with a new parent or a parent struggling. I would say- ‘Always trust your instinct’. People for many years have told me I am doing the wrong thing for Erin and that “she doesn’t need all her medicine” you haven’t been there when she’s …


Trundling Along with Trunki #Ad

I love a holiday. They are amazing, sun, sea, sand, fun! One of our favourite destinations is Disney world, in fact I would say we’re slightly addicted. Guess what we’re going again this year! Now we have two girls and we have always used Erin’s faithful Trunki on our trips away, so Edie will have …

Pregnancy weight loss

Body… not confident

2012 I had just given birth… I did little exercise and got back into my size 8 jeans after 6 weeks. I didn’t really diet and was happy with my weight. I never got back to the 7 stone 6 I was before I got pregnant but at 8 stone 7 I was happy. Roll …


Snuza Hero- The saviour at bedtime #AD

A few years prior to Erin being born I knew about three children who died of ‘Cot Death’. It was pretty horrendous and I couldn’t even start to imagine how the parents felt. This made me super paranoid when Erin was born and I did everything the ‘ right’ way to combat Sudden Infant Death …


Mandala Placenta Encapsulation Review #AD

When I got pregnant I knew that this time I wanted everything to be different to how it was with Erin, I wanted the whole experience. So many things have changed since Erin’s as born 7 years ago and things are so much more accessible now. I watched a programme a few years ago about …


February – A time to start something new?

Now I am maternity leave It’s time I started doing more cooking. I can’t use the excuse of not having enough time in the day. Yes I get I have a new born but I can spend an hour or so a day making something from scratch that’s healthy and less boring than my standard …