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If anyone knows me they know I rely heavily on my slow cooker as I am a pretty crappy cook. This is all well and good until I want to make actual things quickly. (Like when I have forgotten to take things out of the freezer- quite often).  When I was asked if I wanted to review the Bella Electric pressure cooker I jumped at the chance.

When the pressure cooker arrived my first impressions were that it looked nice and its not something I would have to feel needed to be hidden away. It is quite cumbersome but is not any wider than my slow cooker. The machine itself is rounded and is brushed stainless steel with black trims.

Now I am going to make a confession. I had absolutely no idea what a pressure cooker did or how I was to work one.  So many negative things from the older generation were heard about how rubbish they were. When home I had a look in the manual when I was ready to cook and it all seemed fairly simple. The best thing about the cooker is that it not only pressure cooks very quickly. It also slow cooks! so I can get rid of my slow cooker and only have one machine that has multiple uses! bonus!

I decided to make Ox cheeks in a red wine with mash and vegetables. I googled a few recipes and looked at the book that came with the cooker as this also includes recipes and hints and tips.  As the cooker works 70% faster than a conventional oven, it was ideal as we weren’t home until six and they normally take 4-6 hours to cook.

I started by using the ‘Sauté’ function and browning the meat and veg. I then added the liquid and changed it to pressure cook. This was literally all I had to do until It had finished 50 minutes later. I think took the meat and veg out and put the cooker back onto ‘Sauté’ and made the gravy. Viola! I was done!

This was so simple I cant wait to try out other things in it and use the other functions such as Soups, meat, steaming, rice and risotto.

The Bella Multi-Function Electric Cooker is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against all manufacturing defects or malfunction. When you order, you’ll also receive a bonus gift that includes a measuring cup, spoon, steaming rack and 11 fabulous recipes to try out when your new cooker arrives.
The Features are:
12 easy one touch digital functions for family meals made in minutes
1000W power to cut cooking time in half
Cook up to 70% faster based on testing using a conventional electric oven
Removable non-stick coated cooking pot for easy cleaning
Locking lid opens only once pressure is released
Steam valves regulate cooking pressure
Brushed stainless steel housing adds elegance to your kitchen
2-hour delay time for easy meal planning
Audible alarm when the lid is not shut
Brown and cook all in the same pot for extra flavour
Slow cook for up to 12 hours
Includes measuring cup, spoon, steaming rack and 11 recipes

You can buy a Bella Pressure cooker here: Bella Pressure Cooker

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