#BostikBloggers Creature Craft- Easy at Home Butterfly Craft

Welcome back to our monthly easy at home craft with #Bostikbloggers to check out our previous craft posts click here.

The Theme this month is creatures, when I think of creatures I think of dragons, fairies and ogres, I asked Erin what creature she wanted to make was a butterfly.  Not a creature that I would have thought of but she is right!

Things you will need;

A4 Foam or card- we chose glittery foam

Glue- We used Bostik glue

Items to decorate wings- stickers/gems


Pipe cleaners


First thing you need to do is cut a large oval out of the foam/card.

Stick two pipe cleaners with glue either side so that you make the shape of wings. Don’t worry if it doesn’t join in the middle.

Cut the wings in half at the end of the pipe cleaners to make two separate wings.

Use a pipe cleaner and thread beads on it to make the body, and use the excess pipe cleaner to enable you to make antennas and stick those to the top of the body.

Glue the body to the wings at an angle so it looks like its flying.

Lastly decorate the wings. Now you are good to go and can keep the butterfly outside or in the house as a cute decoration.

Easy butterfly craft to do at home- minimal items