We got there! Half term is upon us! 

Well guys after a lonngggg time to what seemed like it was going to be an agonising start- with crying every day, letters coming home and general worry, we have finally got there!

The first half term- at first I wondered what would happen when we arrived at this milestone, would I have gone into complete meltdown as Erin still wasn’t geling with the girls in her class and was still crying everyday or would things have surprised me and been fixed easily?

Well neither of those things happened- instead it was fixed but it wasn’t all that easy! Instead I arranged a little party at our local craft cafe for all the girls in Erin’s class (there are only 7 inc her) to try and assist with the friendships out of school- this seemed to work really well. They all had a great time and seemed to be more friendly with each other. The only thing I now had to conquer were the bigger children trying to lead her astray. I had many chats with Erin to discover she was playing with kids in year 1, granted not that much older but had been told off for kicking, hitting and was told the girls were “too rough”. How do you tell a child to not play with the girl she seems to be obsessed with?! I’m sure she’s a lovely girl but the teachers had advised Erin not to play with her so I had to have the same stance. This was a tricky one!! Erin kept telling me she would play with said girl at lunch and just wanted to see what she had her hair like! (Obviously a totally obsessed with older girl 4 year old!!!) I have had to tell Erin that she’s not allowed to play with them and will be told off if she does 🙁 luckily she seems to be getting on much better with the girls in reception (any tips for keeping her away from the older girls let me know in the comments!!) 

Anyway since starting school Erin has come on leaps and bounds, her handwriting is ten times better than it used to be, she’s moved up a set of books in her reading and she is able to sound out words in her head and spell them for me! All in all I am really pleased with how she’s getting on and just hoping after half term the transition back to school goes back to being as smooth as it was!