Ways To Help Spread the Cost of Christmas

Yep the C word is just around the corner! At the end of this week it’s November!! I mean really?! November! How quickly has that flown. I am always organised at Christmas but I’m nowhere near as organised as I usually am- I think it’s due to the fact I am no longer working so money is that extra bit tight. So today I am going to help you and myself spread the cost of Christmas.

  • Write a list-
As with anything writing a list is important it gives you a starting point- I always write a list of people and how much I would like to spend on them. That way you can set a budget.
  • Don’t stray-
Don’t stray from your budget- yes it maybe tempting even by a couple of pence but all of those pence add up!
  • Buy with Time to spare-
Try and purchase everything with time to spare before Christmas, put a set amount aside each month to purchase presents. Then make sure you use that- the more months you have the less the amount has to be.
  • Don’t go overboard-
Auntie Joans dogs puppy doesn’t need a gift… no don’t feel guilty if you don’t see them don’t buy for them. My friends and I also have an agreement that we don’t buy for each other we just buy for each other’s kids. Which obviously saves us money
  • Use tools that are available-
If you don’t have the money to spend on Christmas I am not going to say cancel it- I am a parent, I get it. be stringent and use sensible ways to assist- for example if you need to borrow money use a suitable company such as Cash Lady and ensure you have the money to pay it off. There’s no point getting yourself into trouble.
  • Use points-
I always use my nectar points to buy dinner. I accumulate them all year long and when I buy shopping and save them until Christmas. I also buy Christmas presents with things like Boots points, perfect as well as they are 3 for 2 at Christmas.
  • Buy in the sales
Always buy in the sales or search for discount codes! You can save loads of money this way and have some left over for other bits like a Christmas tree Or updated decor.
  • Don’t go overboard on decor-
Yes I get it a real tree smells divine but they also cost the earth! Don’t go all out and instead buy scents from Amazon which are amazing!!! They hang in your tree and are £5! Genius!

This is a collaborative post with Cash Lady.