Ways to start Saving Money for when it matters most!

Saving Money… one of things that starts off well. I always think that I have better things to spend money on.  This year have had an overhaul of my ways that i can use to start saving money for next year.

There are many ways that I am going to be saving money. All of which are easy and that you can do with me too!

Meal Planning- This is the best way i have found to cut down on spending that is uneccesary items that you see around the supermarket that realistically you wont include in any meals. Start by getting a good diary/white board/chalk board and write down all the meals you like. Spread them over a two week period and then write all the ingredients. Now the important part- look through your cupboards and freezer for the items you have and tick them off. The remaining items become your shopping list. Viola i bet your list for 2 weeks is halved! Repeat for the last two weeks of the month.

Online Shopping- always do online shopping! its as simple as that! what you don’t pick up in the isles on a whim is a massive saving! get it delivered to store for click and collect to save on delivery too!

Nectar points/supermarket points- In this part I will refer to nectar as i personally find that Sainsbury’s do the best offers and I have a store near me. How to save money doing this you need to be savvy and willing to stay out of debt. I have got a Sainsbury’s credit card where i get double nectar points. What i do is fill up my car, do my shopping on the card and then pay it off as soon as i get home. Not only does this boost your credit rating but it gives you loads of nectar points. Since December I have £23.76 of nectar points! Just think I can buy all of my Christmas dinner shopping with these or presents! bonus!

The Saving Challenge-  This is one of my favorites- Not much to say about this one but you follow the amounts- I do it weekly not daily and then by the end of it you have £ 667.95! That’s perfect for buying Christmas presents at the end of the year! bonus!

 save money

Swagbucks-Swagbucks is a survey site that I have only just really started using daily but since I have I do on average 2 surveys a day and follow the facebook page for codes that give you extra points and I am currently making £5 every 7 Days. which over a year is a nice little earner for not a lot of work a day 🙂 There is a facebook group for it too which really helps with extra deals! some people i know have made a fortune from it but i don’t have the time. If anyone wants to get involved with this i have to add you to the group so message me or leave me a comment and I will do that for you. Click here to get started;

These are a few that I will be doing this year. Do you have any money saving tips?