5 Ways to Save Money Now!

I have learnt a lot of things to do with Money over the last few years. I have been in debt and I have got out of it. Thankfully I am now far more money savvy than I used to be. So I am going to share my 5 tips to save money now.

  • Head to Martin Money Saving Expert and sign up for the email updates, there are great updates that show you ways to be more savvy with your money and some great ways to save.
  • Call all of your utility bills at least once every six months- This is something I always try and do because nowadays there are so many new offers that big companies now have to keep you as loyal customers. All I do is call them up and let them know that at the moment, the service offered if slightly too expensive. This normally means they will look into the price you are paying and are able to reduce it. I have done this every six months for the last 5 years and have managed to save myself at least £50 each time.
  • If you have debt one of the best things to do is put all of your debts into one manageable payment. Loan companies are the best way to do that as long as the APR is good and it reduces the amount you are paying out. This saves time and hassle when you are trying to pay several debts and looks better on your credit rating.
  • Another way to consolidate debts is by using a credit card-  You may be surprised to hear that sometimes having a credit card can be a sensible option.   cards can be great to consolidate your debts onto if you dont want to have to be stuck to a loan term.
  • Check out discount websites such as Deals Daddy as this can save loads of money in the long run for buying items.

With these five ways your bound to save some money! Have you got any money saving tips?

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