Creating a Child Friendly Garden

Creating a child-friendly garden is important in a busy family home. Getting the little ones outdoors for some fresh air on those rare sunny days will do them good. Check out my top tips to childproof your garden:

Fake grass

Providing the perfect landing for tips and falls, fake grass is cushioned to avoid any nasty accidents. Soft to the touch, it’s great for little toes too. The synthetic strands mean no more awful grass stains or muddy footprints ran across the kitchen floor!

Seating Areas

Child-friendly seating is great to enjoy a family meal outdoors together on a lovely summers’ day. Generally made from plastic, rattan or wood, these are easily cleaned down if any little spillages occur. It can double up as an arts and crafts area too – perfect to avoid cleaning up the never-ending glitter for days after!

Play Areas

Portable sandpits and water tables are perfect to create a messy play area and keep all the chaos outdoors. It prevents your lovely wood flooring from lifting after the water table accidentally gets knocked over or your tile grouting being replaced with sand too!

Portable play areas are great if you don’t want them permanently on show. A lot of shell varieties fold up so they can easily be stored in the garage, out the way.

Planters/ Vegetable Patch

Planters add a dash of colour to your garden. Whether you go for a vibrant colour scheme or soft pastel tones, they are great for teaching children their primary colours. If you’re more of a gardener then why not start a vegetable patch and teach your children the importance of helping the environment too.

There we have it, my top tips to help you create a child-friendly garden. All we need now is the summer weather so we can get outdoors and enjoy it!

This post is a collaborative post.