Mum and Daughters Spa day with Lion Zen Birmingham #AD

This week Lion Zen Vegan children’s spa and salon opened its doors and we were treated to a treatment and the open day in exchange for an honest review.

Well Erin was bouncing off the walls with excitement when I told her we were heading for a mum and daughter spa. It’s not something she’s ever been into before and I was quite pleased she was happy to go.

We arrived a tad late but all the girls were lovely and understanding and welcomed us with opened arms. The upstairs is an amazing jungle themed hair salon and they were playing Disney music! Obviously a hit for me and Erin!!

We headed downstairs to a gorgeous pink and flowery world of girliness!! Where we were given our kimonos and slippers. There was a reading area with twinkling lights and a candy stand- we even had some pink (non alcoholic obviously!!) bubbles!

We were gifted luxury manicures for both Erin and I and what a treat it was! Lovely big comfy chairs to relax in, a foot soak with the most gorgeous rose petals lavender and Epsom salts, a scrub, nail polish moisturiser and doughnuts! It was fabulous I felt so relaxed and I think it was the quietest I had ever know Erin until one point when she said “I’m living my best life mum!!” I loved that she loved it! It would be perfect for her birthday to do something lovely together. Even if we bought a few of her friends for a special birthday treat!- they even do pamper parties!

The entire place is vegan friendly and they even do an eco friendly glitter what more could you ask for!

There is an extensive menu of treatments to choose from which is amazing I wanted them all!!!

Everyone was so accommodating we loved every minute and Erin has such an amazing time and keeps asking to come back! She loved it!

The idea that everything is aimed at kids and is perfect for a day out because I get a little pamper too!! I would definitely come back and definitely recommend it- everything is also priced really reasonably so it wouldn’t break the bank which I like because sometimes thing can become so expensive but it’s perfect!

They are open everyday apart from Monday and there is parking outside the bank a few shops down. You can find out all about Lion Zen on Instagram website or Facebook.