Beauty Hacks For Busy Mums!

As a busy mum, it is often hard to find time for yourself when the kids need feeding and ferrying around and you have a million and one other things to do. So, it is not unusual for your beauty regime to take a backseat.

If it’s something that is important to you though, you should try to keep it up because the more things you have for yourself as a mum, the easier your journey will be. That being the case, let’s take a look at a few simple beauty hacks you can employ that will help you to keep up with your beauty regime no matter how demanding motherhood gets.

Consider semi-permanent treatments

There are a number of semi-permanent makeup treatments such as tattooed eyeliner and lipstick, which will shave off the amount of time you need to spend on doing your makeup in the morning, and what’s more, they will ensure that you always wake up looking closer to your best, so if you can find the time to book such a treatment, and you are confident you will be happy with the result,s it can be one of the best beauty hacks there is.

Stop polishing your nails

If you are someone who likes to have nice-looking nails, you might find that you spend a lot of time dealing with chips and breaks and having to have the redone. A good way to claw back some time and still look great then, is to simply stop polishing and preening your nails. Simply clip them and file them into a nice shape and buff them now and again and they will look just as good, if not as fancy, as polished nails, in a fraction of the time.

Apply a little white eyeliner to look fresh

It’s not unusual for mums to wake up feeling less than fresh what with the sleepless nights that come with looking after young children, and often this can be reflected in the eyes in particular, but often you don’t have a lot of time to do your makeup to hide the effects.

One thing that can really help to brighten the eyes though, that will only take you a few seconds, is to apply a little white eyeliner on the lower lash line, this will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, and with a little concealer for the inevitable eyebags, this can make all the difference without you having to put your full face on.

Use leave-in conditioner

If you often wake up with frizzy unmanageable hair, but you do not really have the time to actually manage it ahead of the school run and work and everything else, then try using leave-in conditioner instead of your regular product, if you apply this the night before, more often than not, you will wake up with hair that is straight, sleek and needs little more than a brush running through it for it to look presentable.

You might also find that sleeping on a silk pillow and/or wrapping your hair in a turban before bed will mean that your hair is much less frizzy and easy to manage too, Often, it is just a matter of finding what works for you.

Braid your hair before bed

If straight is not your thing, then braiding your hair before you go to bed will leave you with beachy waves that simply need to be brushed out when you wake up in the morning. The effect will be even better if you use salt spray on damp hair before braiding, and the great thing about this is you can change the shape of your waves by doing bigger or smaller braids depending on how you feel.

Buy products that do multiple things at once

It’s an obvious point, but if you buy, for example, a foundation that also moisturises and offers SPF protection, then you can cut the time it takes to complete your beauty regime by two-thirds.

There are so many beauty products now that will do two or more things in one go that it would be foolish not to invest in them if you want to save time on looking good. 

Learn how to do a great top-knot

There are a number of great top-knot hairstyles that you can basically do in a few seconds, and which will mean your hair looks good with very little effort from you, so even if you are having a truly terrible hair day, you can look presentable with a couple of twists and a couple of kirby grips.


Instead of applying a full face of makeup every morning, simply take the time to apply concealer to any blemishes you might have and you will spend significantly less time on your complexion than you might do now. A good concealer really is worth its weight in gold.

Try laser hair removal

Laser hair removal used to be very expensive but now you can get very reasonably priced home units. Yes, it will take you a bit of time to use these laser hair systems to get rid of your excess hair, but once it’s gone, it is pretty much gone forever, and that is one thing you can cross off your daily beauty regimen in the future.

Apply a primer

This might seem like an extra step, but if you apply a really good primer view here to find one- every morning -your make up will stay put throughout the day and you won’t have to waste time touching it up so often.

Invest in a capsule wardrobe

If you mainly struggle with getting dressed in the mornings, simply throwing on the first thing you find because you have no time to do anything else, then investing in a capsule wardrobe consisting of classical separates that will all work together is a good workaround, It will mean that, no matter what you pick out each morning, you will be able to put together a stylish outfit that works for you.

Wear layers

If you have a baby or toddler, you ate inevitably going to get covered in spit-up or food stains throughout the day. When this happens, it is not always convenient to change, but one thing that can help is to wear layers. That way, you can simply remove the offending garment in a matter of seconds and look just as fresh as you did when you were getting dressed in the morning. 

Find little moments throughout the day

So many of us think that we must do our beauty regime in the mornings but when you’re a busy mum that is not always possible, so it is worth noting that you can do different things at different times of the day, If you have a spare 20 minutes at lunch you can file your nails or if you can grab a few minutes before bedtime, you can do your skincare regime. Basically, don’t rely on having time in the mornings and take any opportunity you can to do the things that will make you look and feel better because it will give you a boost and help you to feel much less rushed each morning.

As you can see, it is perfectly possible to keep up with your beauty regime if you wish to do so, no matter how busy your life gets as a mum, and doing so might do wonders for your wellbeing, so why not give some of these hacks a try?

This is a collaborative post.