A Solution to your Christmas Gift worries! #AD

Every year I really worry about what to buy people for Christmas and to be honest as Erin gets older I struggle to know what to buy for her too. Everyone seems to have everything they need and I think because things people don’t need aren’t as affordable it makes gift buying problematic. Hopefully I am able to sort ideas for you this year with everything from the larger items to the smaller stocking fillers.

A Scooter is always a great present and my kids literally use theirs everything day to go too school and to pop to the shops and walk the dog. It saves tired legs and even better that this Globber scooter can be used from age 3 all the way to 110lbs! The handles are adjustable and you can get an extension kit too which makes it great for little ones to use too as you can push them on it too and steer for them. There’s so many more scooters on offer if this one doesn’t suit you too at

This gift is a great all rounder and perfect for men and women. Everyone loves a candle and especially when they smell amazing too. Summer Thorn Candles make vegan hand poured 100% soy wax candles and include the prettiest unique colour swirls in the candles, which go great with your interiors. Even better they come in great scents including Pina Colada, Nectarine and Lemon, Blossom, Very Berry and I have coconut Kiss which is amazing it smells so good! They even have a new range of tea lights and wax melts too! Check them out here. Even better its a small family business so a great one to support this Christmas.

Do you have fitness fanatics or competitive kids to buy for then this Yonex Badminton set is a great buy. it comes with everything you need to have your own badminton tournament for the whole family of four including the net! Summer fun will around the corner and the kids wont be stuck to their tablets! A perfect gift for most family members and even better it comes in a handy carry bag for storing through the winter.

Glow Dreaming is the perfect gift for your friends kids who struggle to sleep. It not only looks great on the side in your bedroom but has really great benefits for kids. Glow Dreaming is a 5 in 1 sleep aid that is scientifically engineered for sleep. It uses NASA LED sleep light which is red light therapy proven to make sleep sound. Alongside that Medicinal grade oils are used. They are organic and are designed to relax the muscles and mind. It also uses a humidifier which helps ease breathing and prevent snoring and lastly omits pink noise which is a combination of sounds that are found in nature and is the best sound for sleep. So all of these things combined will bring you the soundest of sleeps for your little ones or yourself! They even do funky skins to brighten it up for little eyes. As you can see we have the rainbow skin. For more information or to purchase you can pick one up here.

Award winning Planet Buddies are an environmentally conscious children’s brand with fun exciting tech and accessories, ranging from selection of headphones, including wireless headphones, wireless speakers and the amazing tablet cushions as above. My girls love their tablets but hate having to hold it up when they are sitting or in bed. So these bean filled tablet holders with cute designs are a perfect gift. They are great as its a great gift for all ages! We even bought my Nan one of these are few years ago and she loves it! You can buy these from Amazon.

These are one of my favourite products in this guide. Not only am i a sucker for a cute hair accessory but the prints on these are just beautiful! Little print gifts are vibrant, sustainable, fun and hand crafted at home in a little studio. From personalised flannels to Christmas decorations Little Print Gifts has a gift for all. The patterns are adorable Liberty prints and again the chance to support a small business this Christmas instead of buying from the high street.

Etta loves is a great brand for a baby or new mum you need to buy for. It’s a unique baby brand that has a full range of stunning prints which help babies visual development so they are a dual purpose purchase as they are also muslin squares which are great for baby drool and sick which is great a new mums don’t need to be taking more than the kitchen sink out with them! A great sensory gift for little ones and so soft too.

Uh Oh Milo The excited Elf if an awesome books for little ones this Christmas! They are great to include in Christmas Eve boxes or just a wholesome Christmassy read through December. Uh Oh Milo is a great book series written by Kate Wogan they help teach little ones about behaviour and manners in a fun and engaging way. In this book the excited elf has a very important job he must make sure all the children are fast asleep so Santa can visit on Christmas Eve- the only issue is it’s far too exciting!

Blade and Rose are Britain’s Iconic Children’s fashion brand- this award winning children’s wear brand has bought out this most beautiful and soft Christmas outfit which features knitted leggings with a quirky nappy bottom and detailed tops made from sustainably sourced Brushed cotton with matching snuggly socks to ensure little ones are kept snuggly and warm this winter. There are great designs including- Santa, Christmas puddings,robins and Reindeers and the sets go up to 3-4 years. You can find Blade and Rose here.