The Deodorant that works under 41′ heat!!

Mitchum Cream Deodorant-
I was lucky enough to be sent a new Mitchum Cream Deodorant from Bzzfeed to test.
When I received the parcel and looked at the product, the pale green packaging was pleasant but maybe slightly dated,with a rounded oblong shape which meant the product fit perfectly in your hand. The writing on the front wasn’t very bold which made me think that on a shelf in a store you may not notice the product as much as others. 
When I looked at the product to enable me to use it for the first time it took a lot “instruction” which is not what I expected from a simple deodorant. I had to find an object to turn the click on the base to let the cream spread evenly through the holes- once this was complete you wouldn’t have to
do this again.
Now I was ready to use the product so once I was out of the shower and dry I turned the nodule at the bottom and applied to my armpits. The cream was applied smoothly and smelt refreshing, I did have to re run the stick a few times so that the cream didn’t stay white under the arms.
The cream dried relativity quickly and I was pleasantly surprised that marks weren’t left on the black t shirt that I had worn that day.
Throughout the day I stayed dry and I was happy with the result. 
I decided to take the product to Turkey with me to give it a better test as it was currently 40′. The first day I wore this it was 41′ and I stayed smell free all day and didn’t sweat from under my armpits. Even once I went in the swimming pool and I could still smell the fragrance and wasn’t any less protected. This was a great selling point for me and the fact that the packaging wasn’t glass (like my previous deodorants) I didn’t have any worry with regards to the bottle being smashed in my suitcase. All in all I think that the product is very good but as “Mitchum” breeds thoughts of the older generation in mind maybe a new packaging with bolder writing would match the product that works so well perfectly. 
(I was sent this product from Bzzagent & all opinions are my own.)