Finally! A good face cream that doesn’t break the bank!

Finally! A good face cream that doesn’t break the bank! 

I am very excited to announce I have finally found a good face cream that doesn’t break the bank!! I was lucky enough to be gifted a sample of John Gosnell’s The Original Vitamin E Cream  Which retails at £10.00. I must admit I hadn’t heard of what I now know is a famous brand and one of the oldest cosmetics manufacturers in Britain which has been around since 1677!!John Gosnell’s is  a family run business specialising in cosmetics and with its Vintage style packaging it definitely caught my eye and would be a cute addition to anyone’s dressing table! 

When I received the cream I was immediately drawn to its look, a little black pot with a pink label and stylish old-style writing giving a girlie quirky look to the product, which is refreshing change to standard run of the mill boring white pot! As I have combination skin ingredients are very important to me and when I saw that the cream was made with olive oil and shea butter I immediately had a stress that I was going to look like I have rubbed Vaseline on my face and break out in spots! 

I opened the pot and was pleasantly surprised by the consistency as it wasn’t thick and gloopy which you sometimes get with Shea based products, the cream itself was pale pink in colour and smelt lovely, not overpowering or strong. When the cream put on your face it is light and spreads so easily so you really don’t have to use a lot, the sample pot I received I use every morning and it still has loads left in it and I have had it over 2 weeks! There isn’t a greasy residue which I hate in a cream, and there isn’t a huge drying time which is a benefit when I need to put my make up on as soon as I have moisturised. The benefits of using a vitamin E cream are all really positive and no matter who you are or what skin type you have they would be a bonus, they include repair damaged skin, rejuvenating skin cells, moisturising and a sun protector. The cream has definitely helped my skin look fresher and smoother and surprisingly didn’t bring me out in a world of spots! I would definitely purchase this going forward and recommend it to everyone needing a good moisturiser without the hefty price tag! To buy yours go to

Are there any creams or staples in your make up bags you would recommend me to try?