Amazing Sonya products to keep you looking radiant!

Aloe.. The new craze everyone is all about aloe and the great affects and nourishing properties. Is it really as good as it seems??

I got the chance to see for myself- I have never really thought about aloe being in make up or many other products that aren’t after sun! When the lovely Meria one of my local forever living reps gave me the opportunity to test her fabulous Sonya daily set I was really excited. The products come in a lovely box set which is pretty and easy to open and close. 

Instructions of a basic routine are included in the box and the first product is the exfoliated- this product isn’t too harsh and didn’t feel like it was ripping my skin apart like other products I had used previously. Next I went onto use the cleanser which normally I would have to mess around using cotton wool pads for everything but this was easy and went on like a cream with cooling affects. Toner was the only product you had to use with a cotton wool pad and it still took the impurities and dirt off my skin even after the first two products. 

Once the prep work was completed I was recommended to use serum which I would never think to use under a cream but followed the instructions- and Wow!!! The serum and cream were amazing the cream went on almost like a gel, it’s smooth, and felt like it conditioned my skin in levels that I hadn’t had before, leaving my skin soft to touch with no wet or tight feelings.

The products were natural and smelled fresh. The aloe in products is calming and has natural anti inflammatory properties which calms spots and redness and helps plump skin making it more radiant and wrinkle free. 
The second product we were given to test was the Sonya Double Diamond luscious lip colour. This product is AMAZING!! It comes in a variety of different colours and includes tiny flecks of glitter to make your lips shine! Not only is this lipgloss smooth without the sticky feeling you sometimes get but it has an inbuilt mirror and light!! I mean what more can you need when you are out the lights are too low and you need to redo your lippy?! It’s fantastic! Lip plumping, conditioning and looks fabulous! Definitely worth a purchase and a great item for your Christmas party staple items!!
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