Twinning is Winning with The Knot Dr Hairbrushes! #AD

If you have followed me for a while you know Erin and I adore twinning! From clothes and shoes to accessories but now were able to twin with our hairbrushes!

The lovely Emily at Salon Blue my local hair Salon in Bridgnorth recently gifted us matching hairbrushes to try.

The Knot Dr series has hit the shelves of Salon Blue and are flying out as quickly as they come in. The range is fab and they all come in so many beautiful colours- perfect for the summer!

Salon Blue stocks the Pro Mini, the Pro brute and Knotty kids.

We were gifted the Pro Brite in Pink with black bristles and the Knotty Kids in Plum Pie with Black bristles.

The Pro Brite is a finalist for the Hair Awards 2019 and includes the innovative 212 FLEXALITE bristles: the perfect bristle count to detangle efficiently, the perfect spread to make it pain-free! It has smooth touch tips to massage the scalp.

  • It has a sleek coloured body made with ABS (a very strong type of plastic that is durable for hair care) with a professional soft rubber finish and is available in 4 colours.
  • I have definitely put The Knot Dr through its paces. I have tested it using wet and dry hair- my hair is ridiculously thick and knots so easily. When using the brushes I haven’t got stuck or had the usual patch of hair that knots when drying- which is fab as many times I have ended up trying to pull my hair apart to try and get rid of it.
  • Erin has the Plum Pie Knotty Kids. Again the brush has the innovative FLEXALITE bristles but is made for little heads with the perfect amount of bristles on the pad. The handle is also adapted for small hands. I loved this about the brush as she’s able to brush her hair effectively and get all the knots out without me having to assist.
  • Every morning our house is a battle of knots and I end up using detangler. Which means Erin’s hair becomes greasy and heavy.
  • With this brush this has ALL GONE!!!!! I don’t have any “OUCH MUMMY” And it also cuts my time in half as I’m not faffing getting all the knots out.
  • Erin has just gone 7 and is currently learning how to do her own hair, we’re loving this Knotty Kids Hairbrush as she’s actually able to brush her hair with ease as she has so much control over it.
  • All in all I am loving both of the hairbrushes and that Erin and I are able to match as well as the brushes making our lives so much easier!

    To get yours head to Salon Blue in Bridgnorth or Message Emily on the Facebook page!