Always trust your instinct

If I was only able to share one piece of advice with a new parent or a parent struggling. I would say- ‘Always trust your instinct’.

People for many years have told me I am doing the wrong thing for Erin and that “she doesn’t need all her medicine” you haven’t been there when she’s being sick or crying in pain with horrendous reflux. I trusted my instinct. I don’t give her medicine as I think it’s fun I do it to help her.

Last year the consultant we saw about Erin’s reflux commended me on the amount of research and how I handle her reflux and said without me she would be in so much more pain.

A similar thing has happened with Edith over the last few weeks. Her bellybutton wasn’t healing. Erin’s didn’t either so I knew the signs.

I took her to the doctors on the 18th of feb and they said I was right and they needed to put silver nitrate on it- and to come back in a week if no better.

Monday it was still no better and I took her back. The doctor I saw was awful- she didn’t listen, she didn’t touch her tummy (the granuloma comes out when she’s crying so you have to push it to see) and instead basically told me I was being pathetic and sent me on my way.

Today I still wasn’t happy. I felt it wasn’t right. The discharge off it was awful and it felt like it needed sorting. I took her again and saw a lovely doctor and he completely agreed with me. He said I should have come back and I was right. Thankfully she is now on the mend and has a slight hernia on her belly button but it will heal.

So all in all always trust your instinct.