Trundling Along with Trunki #Ad

I love a holiday. They are amazing, sun, sea, sand, fun! One of our favourite destinations is Disney world, in fact I would say we’re slightly addicted. Guess what we’re going again this year!

Now we have two girls and we have always used Erin’s faithful Trunki on our trips away, so Edie will have Erin’s Trunki on this trip and Trunki have been kind enough to upgrade Erin’s old one for a new Unicorn Trunki and swim bag in exchange for an honest review.

We have always loved the Trunki brand and how sturdy they cases are. Erin’s first Trunki was a horse and she loves riding it around the airport, which we have used on several holidays and planes and it hasn’t been damaged or lost any of its strength.

The new Trunki we have been gifted is a beautiful bright Teal colour with a “hair” tail and stickers you can stick on and even its own unicorn horn.

Everyone at the moment loves a unicorn and we are definitely a household of the Unicorn craze!

Unicorn Trunki Features-

  • Stickers to include on your Trunki
  • Easy to assemble
  • Locking mechanism with Key- but easy enough for kids to use
  • Real unicorn features such as “hair tail” and horn.
  • Pull along handle
  • Straps for interior luggage
  • Wheels for ease of use
  • Strong exterior to protect items
  • The Trunki definitely lived up to its name and even at Erin’s age (6- and a big 6 at that) she’s able to still ride on it with ease. The handle makes it easy to pull along and is strong enough to carry Erin’s weight. We loved the fact the Trunki is customisable with Stickers so if there are two at the airport you can still tell apart. All in all we love the Trunki and now both girls have one as Erin’s old one has lasted the test of time too!
  • Trunki Swimming bag- again this one is perfect for holidays- it packs flat so you are able to include it within your luggage and has many great features.
  • Features include-
    • Splash proof- water resistant
      Secret compartment for money underneath.
      Able to be completely sealed.
      Fun to look as looks like an octopus.
      Clips and zips to ensure your items are safe
      To handles to carry in a backpack style
      Big enough for lots of items as can be extended or made smaller by rolling the top down.

    we have been testing the swim bag at Erin’s weekly swimming before we go on holiday and she loves it. It fits everything in perfectly and makes packing her swimming items much more fun. The octopus is one of many designs which all look great. Erin loves how simple the bag is to use and that it doesn’t have lots of little zips that make it hard for her to open.

    All in all we have been loving testing our new Trunki products and have found them to stand up to the testing pulls of an active 6 year old and look great at the same time. We can’t wait to take them on holiday.

    If you want to check out the Trunki Range click here.