Baby hair woes with Gorgeous Hair’s Scalp Spa Treatment #AD

For years I have had tiny wispy baby hairs that look like I have been electrocuted 2 hours after I have tied my hair up. They grew back properly 6 years after Erin was born which was just in time for it to fall out after the birth of Edith!!

Gorgeous hair in Telford, Shropshire have kindly invited me to a Hair Scalp spa which is only available in a few salons in the UK. The treatment is a of a course of six scalp spa treatments.
The treatment starts with a scalp analysis using a microscope. Which can show any issues with your scalp and is able to enable the salon to prescribe the best exfoliating treatment for your scalp.
The microscope is also able to determine if there are problem areas with your scalp and if they need to be focused on. This was my hair on the camera before we started.

The next part of the treatment is to use a salon professional steam machine where It gently open the hair follicles to allow the exfoliation process to remove build up on your hair. The exfoliated is then applied and massaged into your head which was a lovely treat! Ten minutes to my self with a head massage was amazing! I also got to choose which oil was applied- I had a choice of invigorating, relaxing or refreshing! I obviously chose refreshing!! It is super sexy too! HA!!

Next a deep conditioning mask was applied and massaged in again for another ten minutes. I then was popped back under the steamer with a deep conditioning treatment that penetrates deep with in the hair, repairing from the inside out for another ten minutes.

After this the hair is washed and blow dried and styled and left feeling silky smooth. I always think why wouldn’t you exfoliate your scalp when you are able to do the rest of your body and face. Hopefully my hair will come out less and be a whole new lease of life for the new growth. The treatment is a great experience for any client, but is realy beneficial for clients who suffer from hair loss, dandruff and greasy scalp.

My hair certainly felt very refreshed afterwards and it was a really nice to have a treat for me and my hair, especially during COVID which has been tough on all parents. I would definitely recommend the treatment if you want to give herbal

The course is 6 weeks and costs £200 with a blow dry. The treatment alone is £38 and £54 with a cut and blow dry. you can find Gorgeous Hair on Facebook and Instagram.