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Top 10 ways to revamp your garden on a budget

Top 10 ways to revamp your garden on a budget

Not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on their garden, but they may still want to make some improvements and freshen it up. Here are ten useful tips from Rattan Direct, specialists in natural garden and patio furniture. With a little inventiveness, startling changes can be made.


Plants can grow in all sorts of containers providing they are nourished and can drain properly. Being inventive means that what you use could become a focal point in the garden. Think about what you have lying around, teapots work well, even an old bicycle if it has a wicker basket. You can always paint them up brightly.


Why not spray paint various slabs using paper templates that are cheap to buy, or even use a doily. You will need to protect the tiles with sealer, and they may only last a year, but as they weather they will look interesting, You could also paint random slabs different colours to make a geometric pattern.


Removing a stump and its roots can be a time consuming and very difficult job. Why not just leave it there, and add a natural wood top or even clear tough glass. It would make an excellent garden table.


No garden is complete without a garden feature involving water. It does not have to be big or expensive. A black plastic bowl sunk into the ground, or two waterproof attractive pots, some tubing and a fish tank pump, plus some gravel around the edge, is all you need.


Raising a bed above the natural ground level always looks interesting. Using a few wood beams, you can fill the interior with small branches, and all the natural garden clear-out material.


Feeders for butterflies and hanging baskets for birds are easy to construct from natural materials. Make chimes from old painted keys or spoons. Put a couple of half hidden largish mirrors amongst the vegetation, they will add a fantasy effect to the overall impression. Cut some pallet boards down to small planks, and use them to form little pathways through connecting areas. Leave them settled on the soil not firmly fixed, it will make weeding easier.


Give a secret garden feel to your plot. Flexible metal rods are easy to find from any metal fabricator. Bend them to the required shape. Bed in quick growing plants, or buy well established climbing roses. Fake flowers are never a good feature.


Line your pathways with solar lights. They are now very affordable and self-generating, as long as you don’t live in the land of the midnight sun. Strings of fairy lights would work, but unless arranged creatively tend to look a bit cheap.


We may use our gardens to grow vegetables, or to raise wonderful flowers. It may be a place for the kids to play, or just somewhere to sit after a busy day. Give yourself a couple of spots were you feel the most relaxed and build some natural furniture out of what you can scrounge. There are some amazing designs built from old pallets, not only benches and tables, but even swinging beds. The rule is to try to make it as comfortable as possible; after all you may spend some time there.


There are plenty of very good gardeners for hire, but unless you cannot do it yourself, it will cost you. Rates per hour may not be high, and you may think they are reasonable, but it takes a long time, and then constant supervision to keep a garden maintained. It is one thing to have great plans, but quite another to put them into fruition. If you are fit and healthy and love being out there for long hours, then maybe it would not be impossible to make major changes. Otherwise consider how you could improve what you have, without a lot of labour. Large areas need larger plants to fill them. Think about Shade tolerant varieties. Ferns are good for cover and perennial seasonal groupings work well for the money.

This helpful information is provided by Rattan Direct, provider of garden furniture solutions. Our gardens are an important part of our personal environment. A pleasant garden can provide much joy and relaxation, even if sometimes it demands hard work.
This post is in collaboration with Rattan Direct.