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Have you ever won big with Bingo?

When I was younger I was thrilled to use sites such as the National lottery for scratch cards, until I abused it a bit and became obsessed. I stopped using them until recently when I started doing the lottery online.

It made me think of other things I could do for a bit of fun online when I had a spare minute (yes I don’t get those very often!!!). It occurred to me that online bingo seemed fun. I love bingo in real life- so much so that I attempted to take Matt on date to a local bingo hall… he walked in and within two minutes of being there asked me to leave and vowed he would never step in that ‘hell hole’ again!!!

Maybe Bingo and games online were the way forward. I tried a fun gamesey bingo site which enabled me to pick the best welcome bonus and features and off I went! It was great! I could use a little amount of money and just use it for fun. The welcome bonus was fab too as I ended up having a lot more to play with. The site also includes a bit on free game play which I think it fab as you can use it no matter what budget you are on. There’s nothing like a freebie is there?

Thankfully now I am older I won’t be getting hooked like I used to with the scratch cards (Nb. I don’t mean fully hooked! I mean liked them too much!). For now, it’s just something fun that I can do when I have a spare moment.

Do you play online bingo? I would love to know if you do and if you have ever won big? I hear about people online and in magazines but I am intrigued to know if anyone ‘real’ has.

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