Morbid… I know

Well happy Monday! Let’s start this week off with a cheery blog post… maybe not the post to start the week off with a beaming smile but here me out.

First question- Do you have a will?

Second question- if not why not?

Now let’s go back a few months an email popped in my inbox with an online will company, it got me thinking- I don’t have a will. But what’s even more awkward is that two completely different things would have to happen to the girls if I died.

I had never thought about it before but if I died Erin would automatically go to her dad. No matter what I said in my will. Where would that leave Edith if Matt had gone too?! As I wrote my will I actually cried the thought of the girls being split up broke my heart. Touch wood I live for many years yet and die when I’m really old so this would never happen.

The logistics of having two children by different dads comes with so many complications but this isn’t one I expected, I wrote as many of my wishes as possible and wrote down who would have each child etc, but it got me wondering how many people at the age of 30 worry about this and even have wills? I don’t even think my mum has one and she’s 64!!

Wills are so expensive and it’s something that you don’t want to think about but actually it’s a good idea to do it, for not only your piece of mind but also that if your friends family and children.

Tell me your experience was it difficult or not deciding on things if you have a will and if you don’t have you ever thought about it?