Fancy a new pet cow? Adopt one with Cadbury’s!

When I heard there was an animatronic cow alongside the river Thames in London, I was curious. Mainly curious as to why. When I was told that Cadbury had a new campaign going in response to research which showed that city children were a tad confused about the concept of cows and what they look like. Research from Cadbury showed Nearly one fifth (18%) perceive cows as a source of fear rather than potential friends, with one in 10 believing that a cow is the size of a double decker bus and over 10 per cent stating they’re even as small as cats.

I was fairly shocked at this! Erin and I are lucky enough to live in the countryside where we see cows nearly every day. I did a little research and asked Erin what she thought a cow was and how they looked. She nailed it, she understood what size they were, what they looked like and the fact they produced milk. It made me sad to think that city children weren’t able to have the same knowledge as they simply didn’t see them every day.

Thankfully Cadbury’s are helping the cause with their new Adopt a Cow campaign in connection with Dairy Milk Buttons. The eight foot animatronic cow is currently residing at London’s Southbank Centre to meet and greet families. As an unusual urban setting the cow is trying to make friends with passers-by- especially with many children thinking they are unfriendly and unapproachable. The cow has been aptly named ‘Buttons’.

Buttons is Controlled through a mixture of robotics and two highly skilled puppeteers inside a realistic construction of the body of a cow, Buttons took a team of 20 prop specialists over 500 hours to create. Buttons is as realistic as cows in the field and has been a hit with many little ones and their families. Many children will be wanting to have a pet cow as a result and now they have the chance. Cadbury’s have a new on-pack promotion that enables families to adopt a cow. Twenty lucky families will also have the chance to win an overnight trip to meet their new family member at its farm! All you need to do is pick up a special promotional pack of buttons, the competition closes on 31st August 2017.

This is a good chance to get kids involved with learning about cows and where milk comes from. What better link could you have for children other than chocolate. Cadbury’s have their famous glass and a half that goes into producing Dairy Milk Button’s, so Erin and I did some research into how chocolate was made and how that involved cows and their milk. At the end of our little session learning about milk and how it goes into her favourite chocolates.

Not only did she now think chocolate was healthy as it contained milk (I wish!!!- this was quickly confirmed that chocolate was ok in small amounts!). Erin was also desperate to adopt a cow herself! So we have Dairy Milk Buttons on our shopping list. Come and join us in our cow adoption- Its simple to do all you need to do is buy one of the promotional packs and enter the unique code, found on back of backs, onto the https://adoptacow.cadbury.co.uk/ – there are also loads of fun things to do on the website with games and fun farm facts.

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This post is in collaboration with Cadbury