#WIN BIC Stationery Bundle for you and your child!

We have been lucky enough to be sent these amazing prizes for ourselves and you guys could win them too! Check out BIC’s Website for more amazing stuff for little ones!

BIC Stationery Bundle!

NEW! BIC Kids Kid Couleur Durable Case, Case of 12 

Your child need never fret about losing a pen cap again with this innovative stand case that keeps the pens and lids all in one – and you won’t have to fear jumping around the room clutching their feet in pain because you accidentally stepped on a stray lid.

Enabling your little one’s pens to be displayed in harmony, this problem-solving pen case, is full of a dozen medium-tip, felt-tip pens. The highly durable blocked tip means that the nib won’t bend or retract under pressure and the water-based inks mean it can easily be washed from skin and most clothes. Available in 12 vibrant colours and boasting washable ink, these pens are perfect for children as they allow for all of the fun, with none of the mess.

NEW! BIC® 4 COLOURS™ Fun Pen, Pack of 1 

The iconic BIC® 4 COLOURS™ has been given an en vogue update with brand new pastel barrel that will add a touch of style to any pencil case. The pastel barrels still come with the fun ink options of turquoise, purple, pink and lime green. Perfect for annotation and note-taking, the unique offering of four assorted colours are an outstanding addition to any pencil case.

BIC® Cristal®, Doypack of 20

Highly durable and no.1 selling pen in the U.K., the BIC® BIRO® pen is the ideal addition to any pencil case. Whether writing a story, undertaking an exam or partaking in poetry, the BIC® Cristal® comes in three different variants (original point, fine point and large point), and is the perfect partner to take handwriting up a notch. What’s more, the new fluorescent orange and yellow colours are sure to brighten up any pencil case.

Conte Colouring Felt Pens- 

Felt pen available in 20 bright vibrant colours, Up to 3 months cap-off time, excluding black ink, 0.8mm fine point blocked tip. Perfect for adults or older children who want a finer line when colouring.