Despicable Me 3- minions summer bundle!

I have a little minion, if you have read any of our previous posts you will know Erin loves minions. We watch the films, we have to speak in minion language (which I fail at) and we play minion games.

The words Summer Minion bundle appeared on my email screen and I thank the 6 weeks’ holiday angels for the gift of keeping Erin quiet! I couldn’t wait for the parcel to land through the door, so we could join in the celebrations for the Despicable Me 3 Movie.

I knew as soon as a huge box arrived what it was but I hadn’t told Erin. She had been a bit of monkey all week and I knew this week wasn’t the week to be rewarded with toys. Two weeks later she had been really well behaved and I was happy for her to have the box. We went to the garage and opened the huge parcel. The look on her face was priceless!!

After a lot of Wowing and ooooh's. She decided which pieces she would take on holiday and which she was going to keep at home. The parcel included; Minion tissues, a towel and swimsuit, armbands, 2 balls, baby wipes, lights, Frisbee, bat and ball, plasters, water pistol and fan, bucket 7 Spade, hat and padding pool.

As a huge fan of despicable me, we are avid minion fans, as a result of this amazing bundle we now have a bedroom overrun by minions! This bundle has also been the cure to boredom over the summer holidays so far. It will continue to be perfect for this as we have been able to swap and change using the items so she doesn’t get bored easily.

The new Despicable Me 3 film is still showing now in cinemas across the UK! So go and check it out and shout BANANNNANNNNANNNNANNNAAAAAA all the way!

Disclaimer: I was sent these Summer Minion goodies, many of which are available to buy in various shops across the UK, in exchange for promotion of the new Despicable Me 3 film.