Going back to basics – 5 ways to improve your home

If home improvement conjures up images of huge renovations, a skip overflowing outside your house or flashy TV presenters doing make-overs in record time, then think again!

We all have little wants and desires for our homes; that carpet that’s looking a little worn and tired, the furniture that needs replacing, the dated wall paper in your bedroom, and don’t even mention the bathroom!

But did you know that updating or changing elements of your home, doesn’t have to cost a fortune? Most things can be done in a weekend, and while we’re on the subject – if you own your own home, it’s important to keep on top of these things, so your home doesn’t run into problems further down the line!

Here you’ll get the lowdown on the most basic ways to improve your home.

Your skirting boards

You don’t need me to tell you that your floors are integral part of your home. Whether you have carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate or vinyl, one thing that you’ll find in every home, is skirting boards. Your skirting boards can look a little worn, after all they stop your furniture from damaging the walls, so why not improve the overall look of your rooms by ordering some new skirting boards for your home. These can be installed easily, and you’d be amazed at how they instantly refresh your rooms.

Remove ivy and climbing plants

Ivy might look nice, but it roots in mortar joints, and as the roots expand, they push the bricks apart. In addition, the build-up of fallen leaves around the base of the walls holds moisture and encourages wood rot and insect life. Keep all vegetation (even pot plants) a healthy distance away from your walls! If you’re unsure, call in your local gardener – or a green fingered relative!

Draught-proof your windows

A job for when the weather begins to cool down – The single most cost-effective way of saving energy is draughtproofing!  As little as £10- worth of self-adhesive rubber draught stripping will make your home cosy, and will pay for itself within a year. Trust me, it’s worth it!

The little things

Small things can make a big difference! Your letterbox, house number, front light, and potted plants on either side of the front door, all present a relatively inexpensive but fantastic opportunity to project style and elegance. Above all, be sure your front door is in great shape. If it isn’t, either refinish or replace it! Give the entrance to your home a boost will make you even happier to see it at the end of a busy day!


Spending just an hour online looking at the latest trends and colours and you can renew a room in a day! Just remember that preparation is more than half the battle; You may end up regretting the whole project when the paint looks rough or begins peeling off. Light colours will generally make a space feel more open and larger whereas darker tones can warm a room and focus energy on its contents.

This post is in collaboration with Skirtings R Us.