Does offline marketing help??

As a blogger there are several factors that you need to be able to run a successful blog and online marketing is one that is key! Without things like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram I would have failed as a blogger. How are people supposed to find your blog if not for these fantastic forms of marketing? I suppose that works for every company, especially now most of day to day life is run online.

This week I have taken part in a Survey hosted by Colour Graphics. It is a quick survey looking at the option of offline marketing for bloggers. The key questions being does offline marketing benefit bloggers and can it help boost

The survey is below and would be fabulous if other bloggers are able to complete it as it will be very interesting to see the results! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/C7H936K

I personally have not yet ever used offline marketing as I am unsure of what would be most effective. I suppose business cards would be a really effective way especially if I was attending an event- in fact I really ought to get some printed! One of those things where I feel a bit silly because many people don’t “get” bloggers- don’t get me started!! I am really intrigued by the responses to the survey in the responses by other bloggers and if they use offline marketing as I will definitely be stealing some tips!