Relaxing in a post Brexit world! 

Rattan Direct are using a survey to find out what do parents do to unwind in the home. The survey is really short and took me less than a minute to complete- if you don’t mind completing the survey too that would be great! The link is below;

The survey has a few questions relating to Brexit, relaxing and Christmas!
For us unfortunately Brexit has had a major Impact, we are trying to sell our property and since the news that we were leaving the EU it seems to have dropped off a cliff! Although we have fantastic estate agents viewing are few and far between but were booming before that dreaded day!!

We have been put off home improvements instead of moving and it’s definitely a time to make life more stressful! With this in mind relaxing at home is a difficult one. I never seem to actually have time to complete anything! When we do relax it’s normally in front of some candles with a nice meal watching a film! When we eventually do move it will be in a bath tub and having a long hot soak!!!! As you can tell I miss my bath living in a house without one!!!

A lot of the questions also focus on relaxing at Christmas and having friends and family over! I’m lucky enough to relax at Christmas as we head to family and I don’t have to do any cooking! Let me know how you relax at home and Christmas?

Rattan will be issuing the results very soon to the survey and I am intrigued at the findings! Especially to figure if anyone else has been affected by Brexit like we have!

*This post is sponsored by Rattan direct*