#ChileanEasyPeelers- The easy way to eat fruit with Britmums

This post is an entry for the Britmums #ChileanEasyPeelers Challenge, sponsored by Chilean Citrus Committee.

Girls are stubborn. Fact. Erin especially is one of those people that since the age of 3 she has got dressed on her own, put her shoes on her own- even if they are on the wrong foot and been as stubborn as possible if you try and help. This happens in every aspect of Erin’s life, from showering to eating.

Obviously, there are things that I try and do to make my life easier. Like buying shampoos that won’t get in her eyes when she’s washing her own hair. I also try and buy things that she can do herself ie. Zips instead of buckles. Food is one of those things that as of yet I haven’t been able to assist her in. Most things that she can do on her own tend to be junk foods.

The lovely ladies at Britmums have teamed up with Chilean easy peelers to try and make my life a little easier.

Having something for Erin to eat that is healthy but she can do on her own is a huge winner in our house.  Chilean easy peelers are seedless mandarins that are sweet in flavour and also hydrate Erin at the same time.

Not only are they low in calories and taste great they are also a great source of water, at 87% water, these will help Erin stay hydrated. She’s a nightmare for remembering to drink throughout the day so anything to assist with that is a bonus for me.

Chilean easy peelers go on sale in supermarkets nationwide between September and November. The perfect time to use as a snack back at school. The mandarins are a great source of vitamins and minerals such as fibre, folate, vitamin c, potassium, Calcium and magnesium. Perfect for beating away colds at this time of year too.

The demand for Chilean easy peelers is growing in the UK as the convenient, seedless fruits are sweet in flavour and a hydrating snack, perfect for families. With year on year growth of 32% in tonnes sold in the UK, the number of Chilean mandarins sold last season reached over 2,000 tonnes. The predictions for this year’s crop are even greater.

This week we have trialled the easy peelers and had great success. In the mornings Erin has cereal and asks for more food. I never know what would be an ideal snack that was small enough yet healthy to give her in the mornings. Erin is able to peel them with ease leaving me more time to ask her to put her shoes on 1000 times!!

This week we have been making fruit pictures for after dinner desserts to which put the fun into healthy eating. Erin has been helping me whilst I cut up her kiwi she then peels her mandarin and helps me put the picture together.

She then takes great delight in eating her picture. This puts healthy eating at the top of our list because shes able to do it alone and also promotes her to eat other fruits too. We are loving them.