Christmas Hair treats with Anthony John Salons

Wednesday nights are normally pretty boring, but last week I sorted myself a babysitter and went to a fabulous event at Anthony John Hair Salon in Lichfield. At first, I thought Lichfield was going to be an age away from my house! It turns out its literally 45 minutes!

When I arrived at the postcode I thought my sat nav had done its normal thing of taking me to the middle of nowhere as it said that I would leave the dual carriageway to the left and I was there. I hadn’t seen any buildings so was dubious. I followed the sat nav and it literally took me into the car park! Bonus!!! It was so easy to find. Parking is free so that’s even better.

When we arrived we walked through a little set of barn conversions with fab little shops in! (I was particularly excited about ‘seasalt’ one of my favourite shops.  As we walked to the salon what first grabbed my attention was how beautiful and quiet the surroundings were. I felt immediately relaxed.

First impressions inside the salon were great. It was all very tastefully decorated and there was lots of space, so even when its busy it doesn’t seem it. We were taken on a guided tour by Anthony himself and he showed us the features of his salon. The best bit being the section where you would go after your colour was applied. There was a separate section with a table, chairs, magazines, wifi code and best of all a super coffee machine and fridge filled with goodies. This is great as I know how people get bored looking at themselves in the mirror or reading a magazine with a numb bum!

There were a few stations set up for the night to try different aspects of the Anthony John experience. The first one I did was the Hair camera. Now the fear set in when I saw this. I was convinced my hair was in terrible condition as I am naturally quite dark haired and have highlights every 8 weeks.  Firstly I met the lovely Faye (yes her name rocks I know!!). She showed me how they used the camera and that she would take pictures of my scalp, and about 4 strands of hair in different places. My scalp at the top showed normal. This was the picture- the shiny is natural hair oils.


The second pic I asked for the middle of my scalp at the back to be done as it always gets greasy. It came back greasy and I had washed my hair that day!!! Faye suggested that it was due to how I washed my hair. I looked confused as I thought there was only one way. It would appear not. As I have thick hair she suggested sectioning my hair and washing it in sections which wouldn’t leave that patch of hair covered with the rest of my thick locks.

 After this, we did a couple of strand tests and the only thing that is wrong with my hair is it needs more protein’s as the colour had stripped that.  Unfortunately, you can’t eat steak to correct this but Faye did me a prescription card of treatments she suggested.



Next was Christmas hair styling. Now, this was so much fun. The lovely Lauren asked me a few questions about how I normally do my hair and what would work well to fit in with my home life. We went for different types of plaits and curls. It would appear that I have been using my styling implements incorrectly all my life!! The tips I had from Lauren were;


  • Use your straighteners with your fingers and not your whole hand, because if you clamp down on your hair you get ridges!
  • When using a backcombing brush, hold it where the indents are and rock it backwards and forwards- not pulling down on the hair which will break it.
  • When plaiting if you want it to be bigger pull it apart and always have the biggest big as your middle section.


These were fab tips and Lauren showed me how to recreate the looks at home which was fantastic. I have tried them and I love the fact my hair goes from boring to fun in 5 minutes.



Lastly, I went to the colour station with Anthony. I was concerned he was going to tell me my hair was too light compared to my natural colour. Firstly he looked at my hairs and my roots. He then put me on a number scale and picked up samples of what colours my hair should be. In the ranges, the ends of my hair was as light as I should go but it was within range. That definitely cheered me up.

Anthony also asked if I preferred cooler tones or warmer. My immediate reaction was cooler. I used a colour board with gold and silver under my chin. I realised I preferred the gold, which confirmed I preferred warmer tones. This really shocked me. The colour consultation was so in-depth it was great. Perfect for anyone looking for a hair change.

All in all the whole salon experience was great, the staff are very knowledgeable and are there to answer questions and give you the time for your appointments. Which unfortunately in this day and age is a rarity because everyone’s lives are so busy.

 Check out my Vlog to see the footage from the night;