#VicksTricks Campaign; Ways to make little ones better with the help of Vicks Vaporub!

This post is in association with Vicks and Britmums and it is an entry for the #VicksTricks Campaign.

When I sent Erin to nursery she literally became a sickly kid… I have never known a child have so many illnesses in a year. Scarlett fever 3 times! You are only supposed to get it once!

In this time period I had to start figuring out how to keep Erin entertained when we were in lockdown in the house.  To enable me to do this I had to find things that would keep Erin relaxed and quiet and not shaking her body up to make herself more poorly.  After getting my thinking cap on I found the perfect solution. The Cinema- I wasn’t going to get taking her out. But I can make my own cinema at home! When I was a little girl I always remembered that watching the sound of music with snacks and a duvet always made me feel better!

My plan had to be good enough to keep her engaged, safe and warm during times of being full of cold and fidgety. Coughs and colds are the bain of our lives! Snot everywhere, coughing so hard she projectile vomits over me and being unable to breathe during the night. This always led to Erin being a nightmare in the day. I set my plan into action and picked a few Disney classics including Cinderella and The little Mermaid. Who doesn’t love these? I then set up Erin’s Teepee and put a duvet inside and two pillows. I then heated some microwave popcorn to ensure she could have a little snack that she would love but wasn’t massively unhealthy. Shut the curtains and her face lit up! I had made her own little cinema. She was so excited she managed to watch a whole film and then fell asleep! Ideal.

When Erin has a cough and a cold there is always a go to product that we have that not many people know its many fantastic uses. Vicks VapoRub- The ointment is perfect for sore throats, congestion and the best trick of all coughs! I always put Vicks VapoRub on the base of Erin’s feet and pop socks over the top. This is such a great remedy as it almost stops Erin coughing completely. This ensures she gets the rest she needs to recover. Vicks have done some consumer research and found;

  • Over half of parents said rest was the most important thing for making children feel better.
  • This was followed by ‘medicine’ which 40% of parents rely on.
  • More than a third of parents believe in the power of TLC.

All of which I also ensure Erin has to make her feel better. They also did some consumer research on keeping children entertained;

  • Three out of four parents but on a TV or DVD
  • over a quarter read to their children
  • 1 in 10 parents get really creative and tell jokes or do magic tricks

These are great ideas for keeping little ones entertained and I will be using these tips in future! Vicks have sent us a fabulous goody bag that I will be using to keep Erin entertained next time her cold strikes! Finger puppets, a book and some magic tricks! My Favourite is the banana trick which I have included below;

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVkMfQTPgoc[/embedyt]