The Picture Perfect Curl!

It’s school picture day, Erin has asked for pin curls for her photos. No problem, but I’m trying to figure out how to ensure the pin curls have longevity in Erin’s hair.

She has very fine hair and sometimes her curls drop after a while. I have no idea what time Erin’s pics are!

My idea was to pre-curl it with curlers and then pin curl it. Luckily I have been sent the new Xtava Satin 5 in 1 curler to test. The first impression was that it was really fab for travelling. It comes in a heatproof bag and would fit nicely into a suitcase.

The item itself comes with 5 different heads for different size curls. A heat proof glove- to save pesky burns when using the wand element and the bag.

It extremely easy to put together you just click the heads in and lock the wand. Plug it in and press on. Your then able to change the temperature depending on your hair type.

It was so simple to use, I wanted quite big curls for Erin as I end up brushing them out and making them into really large curls and tying it up as she’s not allowed her hair down for school, due to not risks!

As you can see her hair curled beautifully and literally took seconds for each curl! I had done the whole of Erin’s long hair done perfectly in less than 15 minutes and that included pinning them too!

Erin slept on her pin curls:

This was the final result! I’m pretty pleased! I have tried the wand in my hair too and I love the different types of curls I can get! From very thin to really thick. My hair is very thick which is completely the opposite to Erin and the wand still works just as well. For £21.99 I think it’s a real bargain.

How to get perfect curls