VIP Pets Hair Salon Playset Review #AD

If you have read my blogs before you will know we love VIP Pets, Erin loves playing with them and doing their hair.

When we were offered to review the VIP Pets Hair Salon playset we were super excited. The playset comes with an exclusive VIP pet- Kiara, glitters, accessories, hair Gel, a glitteriser and salon chair playset.

How to use the Playset-

The features of the play set are great you can sit your VIP pet into the salon Chair and use the Hair Chalks to colour her hair 3 colours- Blue, Purple and Pink.

Next you can wash your dolls hair with real water! It’s so simple to use- fill up the sink, squeeze the pump to fill it and then attach the hose and your ready to go- a shower with running water!

Next Erin decided to use the “Glitteriser” first you need to fill your tank with the glitter of your choice. Put gel on your dolls hair where you want the glitter. Pop her into the glitteriser and turn- there you have it all glittery and ready to go!

Next we used a the wide range of accessories- the comb, collar, bobbles, collar, hair band. There are so many cute accessories and perfect for letting your child go wild with their own inspiration and go with the flow without sitting and having them pull at your own hair!

Overall Opinion-

Erin really enjoyed playing with this play-set and it was all simple to put together and use so it’s possible for her to use alone as well as with me. Everything has a place in the plays-set too which is great so you don’t have loads of pieces to get lost.

The doll is also great as they are small enough for travel and you can still use them with or without the play-set so it almost becomes two separate toys. You can also use any of the other dolls with the play-set so it really is universal which is fantastic.

We also love the element of collecting the dolls and having this doll as an exclusive to the playset. It’s also a great price point so is perfect for Christmas presents too!

Overall we loved the whole concept and Erin has had hours of play with it! It’s just a little tricky keeping it away from her one year old sister who is always trying to get in on the action!

Check out the VIP Pets Instagram page too!