#Serenz Stopping Sneezing with Speed!

Sneezing, Snotty, sore? Serenz is the cure! Serenz Allergy Relief is aimed at people with nasal allergies such as nasal congestion, sneezing, itching and a runny nose. The capsule is small enough to be carried around and is quick and easy to use. Serenz is different to other products on the market as it is all natural. Serenz is clinically proven to start working in just minutes. It is the first allergy product to use carbon dioxide to keep nasal allergy symptoms at bay and the great thing is it doesn’t make you drowsy!

In the uk 1 in 4 people suffer from Hay fever with 71% of hay fever sufferers with the worst symptoms reported higher than average stress levels- these kinds of figures make it a high level priority to find an effective solution especially around peak hay fever season. When the skies are blue and the sun is out everyone jumps for joy; but not those hay fever sufferers- who dread the waves of pollen wafting through their noses.

Serenz is the cure for hay fever sufferers everywhere that we have been looking for- especially us mums! When we are out and about and the kids are begging you to head to the park, but the mere thought of the pollen puts me off.  Taking tablets has always put me off as they make me sleepy! Serenz has stopped all this for me its so simple to use. With the 4 steps which include activation, dispensing, cleansing and repeat. Its that simple.

When we road tested Serenz it was a particularly high pollen count. It had only been up an hour and my nose was streaming. I sounded like i was trying to form part of a band with the amount of sneezing that was occurring. Using the product was easy and efficient and popped it in my bag just in case i needed it later. Within minutes my sneezing had stopped, my nose was no longer running and i didn’t even need to top it up.

It was fantastic! compact and efficient. I didn’t feel like any of it was too much trouble which is great when your an on the go mum.

The cost of Serenz is recommended at £18 and is available at