All Things Crafty when the rain pours!

When the sky is full of rain and its your day off…. and the whinging is already coming loud and clear from the fidgety four year old next to me… unsure what to do and trying to think of things that would keep her occupied enough and isn’t just a five minute wonder.
Mummies there is a solution!  All things crafty is great box that is made for pre school and primary aged children. It is a monthly subscription box that encourages independent learning – the box is filled with all sorts of different arts and crafts and has a different theme every month. There is sticking, colouring, badge making, decorations, puppets, games and puzzles! Not just your average craft day!
The box is only £7.99 and does not tie you into a subscription. Chi Chi World is a small family run business which is taking the craft world by storm with their 3 easy steps- subscribe, Receive to your house and craft with the kids! For more information on subscribing contact-


When Erin and I received her box she was delighted, it came packed in a thin box so was able to be left in a safe place as I wasn’t in and contained paper bags with all of the things you would need for each craft. In our box the theme was Sports Day! We received 6 crafts to do including making a bat and ball and badge making! Erin loved it- there was glitter glue and paper everywhere but she was happy and I was able to get on with cleaning the kitchen whilst she played at the table as she needed little or no help from me which was fantastic! It was definitely a great rainy day activity and would last for a good few hours or fantastic to be spread over a few days!