I love VIP Pets Review #AD

This week we have been gifted two of the series one I Love VIP pets dolls. Erin was super excited as she loves anything you can unbox. She also loves YouTube and the fact they have a YouTube channel to go alongside the pets is a huge thumbs up from Erin!

The dolls come in a “shampoo bottle” which you have to take the wrapping off the enable you to see the pet inside. The bottom also has a section which holds a “blind bag” of accessories. So make sure you take that out prior to putting water in.

Next you take the lid off and pour water in- it doesn’t say how much but we should use but we did about half a cup and that seemed fine. Keep a tissue or cloth on hand for any spillages!

The pets both come with 9 accestories which are different in both pets. There are 12 pets to collect in total and each one is completely different which is great.

Once you pour the water on the pets hair is exposed which shows you how long and what colour it’s going to be, you then have to take the “shower cap” off (which can be a little slimy from the water but washes off your hands easily.) and pop it in the bin. Next you can reveal the pets unique make up- get a damp tissue and wipe the pets face this leaves a great unique face painting on your pet.

The accessories add some great bling to your pets and include hair-bobbles which is fab because Erin steals hair bobbles off me to style her dolls hair all the time! Erin had a great time styling the pets hair for hours and it kept her occupied!

Overall Erin adores the VIP Pets and now wants to collect them all, it’s really fun that it’s a fun way to unbox them and not just your standard boring get them out of the box to play. There is even a great VIP series on Kitoons YouTube channel that you can watch alongside playing with your VIP pets.

The packaging doesn’t leave you with loads to throw away as you can use the shampoo bottles to keep your pets in tidily and pop all their corresponding accessories into the bottom. Which is great as it’s no extra waste that would go to landfill. Overall I would recommend these for girls aged 5-9 I think they would really enjoy them. I am definitely going to get my niece one for Christmas as she will love it!

You can check out VIP pets on Tik Tok, Instagram and their website.