A list with surprises?! Ideas for 8 year olds that they haven’t listed! #AD

Have you ever had that moment when your child gives you their Santa list… and it says surprises?! My first thought is arghhhhh! You have written everything that I would have thought of! So here is some inspiration for you!

Emoji Action-

Simple and Easy- Be the first to get rid of all your cards! You’ll need lightning-fast reactions and some seriously cool moves to win at emoji ACTION -look lively or lose!

The Low Down:
  • Take turns to put down a card.
  • Spot the action cards and race to act them out.
  • The slowest player picks up all the cards.
  • The first player to get rid of all their cards wins! This game is perfect for the family to play around the table and for a quick go to game that can also travel! You can buy Emoji Action at Amazon.

No Fuss Brush-

I cannot be the only parent who stands over their child shouting “AND THE BACK” whilst they stand loosely brushing the fronts of their teeth. I am so paranoid about white clean teeth as I think they are so important, so a toothbrush that makes it easier and better for everyone is perfect. The no fuss Brush is great for an all over clean- no tricky handy work and you can half the time too as it does all the work for you! Even better it’s a rechargeable electric toothbrush and you can buy new heads when these run out! Perfect. You can buy the No fuss Brush here.

Frozen 2 Craft Kits-

yep all the kids are talking about it! Every kid wants to have all of the frozen two accessories so why not make your own! The new John Adams range is great for Frozen lovers everywhere! You can make your own snow globe and your own jewellery. So such a great item for days of crafting whilst enjoying the characters at the same time! You can buy the sets here.

Rebel Girls Jigsaw-

Erin adores Jigsaw puzzles and it’s one of those things I don’t actually mind sitting and doing them so this is fantastic for history and downtime. Explore, learn and play without limits. Gibsons have collaborated with the extraordinary team behind the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls novels to produce this inspiring and irresistible puzzle that celebrates queens, activists, scientists, artists and sporting champions throughout history. Made in the UK, this empowering 500 piece jigsaw puzzle features the likes of Elizabeth I, Empress Jingu, Irena Sendlerowa and Harriet Tubman – true heroines who definitely didn’t need rescuing. You can buy yours here.

Bloomsbury Mill Bedding

Erin recently had a double bed and she has had a new room due to moving. Bloomsbury mill has the most beautiful sets and they are perfect for Erin! Even better they come in double sizes which most kids bedding doesn’t! The feel of the cotton is lovely too! She will love this and it kills two birds with one stone too! You can buy them from here.

National Geographic Crystal Garden

Now I’m not going to lie when I was younger they sold Crystal kits and I always wanted one but never had one, so when I could live my childhood dreams through Erin I was super excited!! I love the fact this is an educational toy showing you ways of science working as well as being fun at the same time is perfect! If you want to check out the National Geographic Crystal Garden for yourself click here look.


Now if you know Erin she is LOL doll CRAZY!!! We have two houses, a car, a camper van and more dolls than you can shake a stick at- but she loves them and plays with them so it’s something I never mind adding to the collection. The LOL OMG range are larger dolls than the originals and come with some super cool hair and accessories. There’s lots of dolls in the collection and There are 20 surprises but you know which doll you are getting so you can build the collection without worrying about duplication. You can dress and accessorise your dolls perfectly to go with the kind of style they have! Erin loves them and we will be adding to our tribe! Check them out here.

Draw With Rob

During lockdown we did lots of drawing and colouring and even did Rob Biddulphs drawing masterclasses with Rob on youtube which she loved. So when we saw this book we knew it was perfect! Erin can draw alongside with tips from Rob! If you want to have a go at drawing with Rob Festive you can buy it here.

HARUMKA Frozen Fruits Fashion-

When I first saw this I wasn’t sure they would be for Erin but my god they are! She LOVES designing things and always says she loves fashion so what better than a style your own Outfit toy. So simple to use and you can dress up your manikin however you wish including accessories. I love the idea behind this and I think it will definitely enthuse children to follow their dreams if they want to go into fashion or designing! There’s so many to choose from and you can buy them here.


Again an educational present because I’m a firm believer in there can be too many toys!!! Erin adores reading and we love reading together at Christmas so I think this Christmas this is going to be “our” book! It looks great magical and perfect for aspiring girls to become great women! You can buy your copy here.


This will be a perfect gift alongside her drawing with Rob book above. I’m fed up of having to find a place to put crayons so this completes that issue for me and also makes them perfect for on the go! I have forever got crayons floating around my handbag but this is perfect as you can keep them in the cylinder and also they are jumbo so great for little hands! You can get your hands on them here.

Love Leggings-

Aren’t leggings a staple in every child’s wardrobe? What child do you know that doesn’t want hot pink leggings?! My pair certainly do! These Love Leggings are fab they are hard wearing but so soft leggings are perfect for active kids who are rough and tumble like my two! I love the colour and can’t wait to see the girls matching!

Haribo Advent Calendar

Last but no means least this is the perfect gift but before Christmas! My sweet loving little girlie will be overwhelmed with her own Haribo advent calendar. Including an amazing selection of Haribo (yes the best jelly sweet ever!) she won’t be able to wait until the next day with this one it’s great and I can’t wait to help her open it… If you know what I mean! Ha!! You can buy yours here.

Baby Annabelle

Edith loves Role play and “feeding” the baby with Erin’s dolls so I thought it was time she had one of her own! This Baby Annabell has a soft body and cute little outfit and comes with food, bottle, potty, bowl and cutlery with is great for role play with little ones. There’s loads of accessories you can buy with this too including a high chair that we have also got Edith for Christmas. She will love the idea of playing “mummy” so I definitely think this one will be a winner for her. You can buy Baby Annabell and her accessories at Smyths Toy store.