Delicious Kiddylicious Snacks!

Erin is a snacker… if I ask her what she wants for dinner she says a picnic as she would rather have foods that she can pick on than eat a hot dinner- yet Maisie will eat anything!!! I worry about how to get the nutrients, fruit and vegetables whilst not battling at every meal time.

Lets face it healthy snacks are rubbish- I myself would rather a yummy chocolate bar than an carrot stick! Luckily for me Kiddylicious have taken the worry and concern over making sure Erin eats all of healthy things and even better she thinks they taste great!!!!!

When we received the box the girls were digging deep and choosing what they had- in the end I had to take the box away as Erin was asking if she could have another and another!!! She loves them! Even down to dried fruit and vegetables. I never thought for one minute she would sit eating these instead of asking for treats!

The treats we were sent included-

Veggie straws- suitable from 9 months up and include colourful vegetable straws but with no added colours.

Apple Crisps- suitable from 12 months and include a whole apple in the pack

Banana, Carrot and Blueberry Wafers- suitable from 7 months and are gluten free no mess rice wafers

Crunchy Grapes, Banana Bites and Fruit wiggles- all suitable from 12 months and include no added sugar and are one of your five a day

Fruity puffs which are suitable from 7 months and include no artificial additives

Erins favourites out of all of these were the brand New Super Snacks- They are a sour cream and Chive Lentil Crisp- these are suitable from 12 months and are a gluten free superfood snack with slow release energy.  If I was asked once if there were any more she asked me 50 times!!!

you can buy all of these and more at