I had a little holiday..sorry!!!

Hello… long time no speak!

First of all I am sorry I took the unexpected break! I have been MIA since the week we headed to Florida, and I am not going to lie the break has been good.

I feel very refreshed and like it’s been good for us as a family as I haven’t felt so under pressure.

What I have realised is:

  • My life doesn’t have to revolve around follower numbers- this was starting to get me down as the follow unfollow thing is so prominent that it becomes life zapping.
  • It’s ok to take a break- in 5 years I haven’t taken many breaks.
  • Technically it’s my maternity leave ? Edith is still only 6 months old so I have focused a lot on her which has been lovely!
  • It’s been nice to regroup in terms of my blog and figure what’s important to me. I don’t want to just brain dump rubbish posts on you guys I want you to read something worth while.
  • From now on if I miss a day of uploads I am not going to worry. I would hope I don’t have 100 unfollows as I rigidly stuck to a schedule previously and missed a day and if I do then hey ho!!
  • In the end I think that there is more to life than worrying about schedules! Especially with two kids! But even better this time away has given me so many ideas for blog posts and new things I want to share with you guys- which is really exciting! If I get time I may do a bit of a blog make over! I certainly need a new header anyway!!
  • So I hope you can forgive me for the break but hopefully I am back and better for the break 🙂
  • Also on a side note- do people watch YouTube and do you/would you watch vlogs? Should I start filming again?
  • So look forward to interacting again with you guys as I have missed you!
  • Much love

    Faye xxx