Enjoy Funny Bunny just in time for Christmas!

Erin was recently bought a bunny as she had pestered us for ages. She loves rabbits and that means that any game with bunnies is a hit.

When Funny Bunny landed on our doorstep she hopped around! (Yes like a small rabbit!!). She couldn’t wait to tear it open and play. The first thing that struck me that was a huge bonus as it DOESN’T REQUIRE BATTERIES!!!!! wooohooo!!! No scrambling around, you can just get stuck in.

The game is made by Ravensburger. They are a very well known brand in the board games and puzzles world, so has always been a trusted brand for me.

Setting the game up was simple- pop the cards into a pile and pick a colour for your bunnies. The game is set up on a grassy mound. The bunnies hop from one space to another dependant on which card you select. If you pick a ‘Clic’ card with a carrot it means you have to turn the carrot at the top of the mound. This moves holes into the board and puts traps out. The idea of the game is to stay on the board without being kicked off or thrown down a rabbit hole and make it to the carrot top.

Erin loved playing this and is so good at it! She has only lost once!! We have taken the game to friends and family who have really enjoyed playing it. It’s not just for little ones. I love playing it too.

You can play with 2-4 players and around 20 minutes to play.

Funny Bunny retails at £14.99 and can be found in stores such as Smyths or on the Ravensburger website.