Free Weaning Workshop with Charlotte Stirling Reed- Getting started with Solids and Veg Led Weaning -Tickets available now.

I have had two little ones Erin – now 8 and eats anything. Edith nearly two who is very hit and miss with food. I fed them both the same so I have no idea what to do now! One day Edith will eat one meal and the next she pushes it away. Breakfast and lunch are non desirable and it’s all a minefield.

This week I got the chance to join Charlotte Stirling-Reed (the nutritionist on Joe Wicks’ weaning book), a leading expert in Infant and toddler nutrition on a free webinar- ‘Getting Started with Solids/Veg Led Weaning’. There is another on December 8th 2020 and you can get your tickets here.

The event is hosted in conjunction with Stokke Tripp Trapp® as they go on virtual with the iconic Tripp Trapp® for an exclusive talk on how to get started with solids and vegetable led weaning, with STOKKE TRIPP TRAPP TOUR @ HOME.

The session covers the basics when it comes to introducing your little one to solid food and will start with some of the science around feeding infants – what does the research say about the very first foods – and then go on to talk about introducing your baby to allergens (something lots of parents are anxious about), as well as how to move on to “family foods” and more composite meals.

The webinar was super helpful for me and included hints and tips for weaning and how to stop fussy eating, alongside enabling me to understand the science behind all of babies eating habits which was really interesting. Some of the main points of the webinar are-

•             The baby feeding hacks that will help any parent

•             Charlotte’s tips to prevent fussy eating before it begins

•             Family Mealtimes and why they matter at all ages

• Pregnancy foods you must be eating regularly

One really good thing that we learnt which I don’t do is “role model” to your children and sit and eat with them. I am so bad for this to the point where I don’t sit with the girls for any meals. That’s why the Stokke Tripp Trapp® is perfect for feeding little ones, you can pull the chair right to the table and not using tray makes them feel involved. The iconic Tripp Trapp® highchair was launched in 1972 and has since sold more than 12 million worldwide. I am definitely going to start sitting and eating with Edith from now on to see how we get on and see if we can get back on track with eating meals.