Disney Review

What to pack in your Disney Park Bag

Over the Easter holidays you may have noticed that we went on our annual family holiday to Disneyworld again. This is our third year and we are beginning to realise what kinds of things are necessity’s when packing your bags.

So here is a list of my top Items you should take in your bag to a Disney Park;

  • Varta Powerbanks- In a Disney park you are constantly looking at your phone to keep up with queues or park maps as there is a Disney App. My battery on my phone was forever giving up on me. Especially with how many pictures I was taking. Varta comes in handy for this as they do so many fab power packs. We took both the Slimline Powerpack and the design your own powerpack which were perfect dependant on how much room we needed in our bags. We also left one on charge in the hotel room and took one out with us so we always had one to hand. The large slimline one can charge a phone up to 5 times and 2 Ipads! And the smaller design your own on is able to be personalised and can charge up to 2 phones or 1 tablet. Both are perfect for every Disney trip. Don’t forget your cables though!
  • Suncream and sun hat- the Floridian sun can be strong, very strong in fact on our last holiday it was March and my neck got burnt with factor 30 on. Erin was always in factor 50 so she was ok but I learnt my lesson pretty quickly. Hats are also a must as you don’t want to be poorly and wreck your holiday.
  • Mini first aid kit- When I say a first aid kid I mean plasters, paracetamol and bite cream. You can get on hand nurses and complementary medicines at the parks first aid centres but there is only one per park and they are normally by the entrance. Therefore, if you need a quick fix bring your own to save your legs.
  • Pjs and blanket for little ones in pushchairs- Erin is 5 and I still took a pushchair to Disney, It covers such a large area and we start out at 7 am most days. By 7 pm Erin is ready for bed- If we went back to the hotel room at this stage we would miss all the fireworks so instead we pack PJs and a 3-6years sleeping bag. We lay her down and that for the rest of the night! Sorted!
  • Water bottle with filter- Floridian water isn’t the tastiest. In fact, Matt thinks it has a really metallic taste. I quite like it. But a bottle of water in Disney isn’t cheap and you need to stay hydrated, so your best bet is to fill up with a water bottle at the fountains dotted around the park. We use a Brita water filter bottle and this does the job nicely. Saving money and time.