Pregnancy weight loss

Body… not confident

2012 I had just given birth… I did little exercise and got back into my size 8 jeans after 6 weeks. I didn’t really diet and was happy with my weight. I never got back to the 7 stone 6 I was before I got pregnant but at 8 stone 7 I was happy.

Roll on to 2019 I have started another dress size higher but happy prior to pregnancy and now I’m 6 weeks postpartum. I feel completely different. It all started when I went to buy a christening outfit- I didn’t feel big so when I tried on my usual size and it was like squeezing a key into a lock for borrowers. I then went up a size and it’s still tight. I then bought some massive stomach holding in pants and cried in the queue for the till.

I knew something had to change I wasn’t happy like this. My sister in law had her baby 6 weeks before me and is super healthy and looks amazing- so she said we could go on walks with the girls, I averaged 10.54 miles a day one week… and the scales still said the same.

Now let’s face it, I am being a bit of a twat. I’m not fat. I’m not thin- granted. But I’m doing everything all wrong.

I have eaten less than 800 calories a day but not a sustainable diet… some days I have just eaten toast. My water intake is terrible and I am now on a mission to get myself to the right place and ensure those scales move.

I am back to slimming world on Monday as I need the motivation. I need to stop weighing myself daily and having an unhealthy outlook on food- no human will survive on chicken and veg for the rest of their lives!!!

I am going to carry on my walking as I really enjoy it and it’s good for me but I’m also going to include a healthy balanced diet and hope I do shift some of this stubborn weight.

After baby two I have realised that your body completely changes with every baby and she’s only 6 weeks old today- I am not a gym bunny and never have been so why am I being so harsh on myself.

Unfortunately even at my age the media has got me with “how your supposed to look” instead I need to do what’s right for me. And the main thing I need to do is get to my happy weight so I can fit into my jeans and not bankrupt myself by having to buy new ones in the process!