Nifty Nuby bathtime treats

One of our favourite brands Nuby has been sending us fabulous treats again! As ever we love a parcel from Nuby and this was no different, Erin was jumping up and down on opening the parcel and seeing the fantastic products inside!
The first lot of products was from Nuby’s bath range and included there gorgeous ‘dress up ducks’ ‘stacking cups’ and ‘bath tortoise thermometer’. All of which were packaged in lovely bright coloured packs and are all bright colours and for great prices.
The Groovy Dress up ducks are one of my favourites- they retail at £6.99 and include 3 ducks that take on a twist to your standard ducks by giving them an outfit each! All the ducks are also collectable and are perfect for little fingers to hold in the bath! The girls thought they were great and had them in and out of the bath!
The bath time clock and thermometer was great, it flashes when it is too hot and I loved the fact it wasn’t just a thermometer you were able to have something that was a toy and a clock to save you pressing your phone with wet hands just to see the time! This retails at £9.99 and worked perfectly.

The stacking cups consist of 5 brightly coloured cups with different patterns that all stack together or on top of each other. They are great for little ones who are fearful of water as it introduces sprinkles of water out of formed holes in the base of the cups. This also makes them great for entertaining little ones in the bath too! These retail at £4.99 and are great for 9months onwards.

All of the above products are available from